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About our Store is a store offering a selection of disposable cart, vapes and pre-rolls. Check out our reviews to see what other customers are saying about us. is the leading resource for cannabis consumers in the U.S.

Jeeter Disposable pre-rolled, half-gram joints are made using our proprietary blend of cannabis and waxes. Each pack is labeled with the strain and THC content so you can choose the right dose for your needs.

Jeeter is a unique product for medical and recreational use. Marijuana, legal in some states like Washington, Oregon and Colorado, is now available in single dose packets.

The world’s first sanitary, non-usable and flexible disposable vape pen is here! Do we really need to explain how awesome this thing is? Just look at it! It’s a vape pen that doesn’t need to be disposed of after one use. Simply peel off the label for a fresh hit on the go. A good idea just got even better with our Cannabis Jeeter dispenser.

Jeeter Disposable offers a discreet and odorless way to enjoy your legal cannabis in public.

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We offer a wide range of marijuana products. You can choose from a number of different strengths, forms and flavors. Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients to ensure you get the best experience every time. Choose from our selection of personalized options and get yourself something that you’d proudly display at home or in your office!

Our brand is all about changing the way people think about cannabis. We’re on a mission to help people rise above their everyday stress and connect with their communities.

jeeter is a new way to enjoy your favorite products. We’ve made clean & convenient less expensive than ever. is a site for people to purchase disposable jeeters